Virtual Assistant / Virtual PA services, business support and lifestyle management are dependent on the assignment and start from as little as £25 per hour.

Sometimes it's difficult to gauge just how many hours you might need Virtual PA services for each month, particularly if you have never worked with a Virtual Assistant before that's why I am happy to offer my services on an ad hoc pay as you go basis. I keep a detailed time sheet of my work and if you have a budget in mind then I can let you know when I'm close to reaching that amount.

There is a minimum two-hour charge, after which charges will be made in blocks of 1⁄4 hours.


Retainers or special project rates for Virtual Assistant / Virtual PA Services, business support and lifestyle management can be negotiated. Buying a block of time in advance for SuperPA's services ensures a set number of hours available to you or your company per month. Retainer and project packages can be secured from as little as £25 per hour.